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The aftermath
I started cleaning up but the entire place was infested with wasps because of all the food people left out, so I decided it all was a bit much for my pounding head.

Went into Stockholm with Ida, Tom, JP and Agathe to eat and drink before I had to get back to Oslo.

Agathe is away on vacation for two weeks, and won't be back until Hilde's wedding. I'll miss her. She does this great thing with her eyes when she smiles. It's beautiful.

Naughty James
Posted 2008-08-11 17:46:43

you are so love you big puff....

Jan Schjetne
Posted 2008-08-11 22:51:44

I know, I've turned in my "man" card and got a "puff" card in return. The manstache stays though.

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